Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Entertainment: Worst Hollywood Celebrities Fashion Faux Pas

Golden Globes Awards has just made it into history a few weeks ago but I missed it! Argh...So I made my first attempt to get some glimpses on the award winners until something else actually caught my sight - celebrities fashion offenders! Simon Powell will definitely take the pleasure in giving his downright ugly comments, while Paula Abdul thinks she possessed the hottest body in Hollywood and Randy, never fails to be the good guy.

Anna Paquin

Simon Cowell: What a god-awful lame-gold dress you picked. Is that your mum's? And the shoes.....FAIL FAIL FAIL

Paula Abdul: The dress texture will suit my 70's hot pants perfectly!

Randy Jackson: Please go home. This seems like a mockery of fashion industry.

Julianne Moore
Simon Cowell: What is that? The extremely ugliness of your dress has outdone your ugliness. This is downright ugly!

Paula Abdul: I have to agree with Simon this time. The furry trimmed that drooped down around your shoulders were a disaster.

Randy: Security, please remove this lady from the red carpet.

Elisabeth Moss
Simon Cowell: Opps....both your straps slipped off from your shoulders. Naw....I am just trying to be nice.

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